Resident Grant/Scholarship

Maryland Dermatologic Society
Scholarship for Dermatology Residents


The Maryland Dermatologic Society (MDS) is offering a scholarship/grant program to dermatology residents of Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland each academic year. Residents may apply for a scholarship which must include approval of the program director to support items including, but not limited to, education, research, travel expenses, and community outreach/service.

Although there is no pay-back provision in the scholarship program, residents are encouraged to join and become involved in their state dermatology society where they begin practice.

Grant amount

Awards will be given each academic year, with the award amount determined by MDS Executive Board based on funding, capped at $5000.

The recipient will be announced at the fall MDS meeting at University of Maryland. The funds will be sent directly to the recipient.

Criteria used to select recipients

All qualified applicants will be considered. Awards are based on the scientific merit of the research project and/or a demonstrated promise of success in the proposed educational venture. Applicants will be reviewed based on written materials submitted.

All current residents in good academic standing in the Departments of Dermatology at both Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland are qualified and eligible to apply. Each resident may submit one application. Applications will be reviewed by the MDS Executive Board.

How to apply

In order to be considered, all of the following materials must be received before the MDS Fall Clinical Conference at the University of Maryland as designated by the Maryland Dermatologic Society.

I. Summary/Title Page

The Summary/Title page should include:

  • Applicant Name, PGY year and academic institution
  • Project Title
  • Residency Program Director’s name
  • Additional authors (if applicable)
  • Brief summary: 1-3 sentences that should include the amount of funding requested and a general description of the use that will be made of the funds.
  • Requests may be made for up to $5000 for each academic year.

II. Project Goals and Design

This description should include (but is not limited to):

  • Timeline
  • Goals of the project (examples include: how will this advance your personal dermatology education, enhance dermatology access/services in the community at large, and/or advance dermatology research)
  • Project Design (i.e. how the goals will be achieved and how the funds will be spent. See Budget below as well.)
  • Participants in the project

III. Proposed Budget

  • Proposed budget: Provide a table with categories of expenditures that will be funded by the requested grant, how much funding will be required for each category.

Requirements of recipient

  • Proposal/Project must be approved by respective Residency Program Director by the deadline for submission. Approval is to be documented in the form of a signature on proposal and/or an email to MDS executive administrator from Program Director.
  • Project is to be completed by a time designated by the Society, typically in the summer of the following year.
  • Recipient will provide a brief presentation/summary to the MDS at the next meeting following completion of the project (10 minutes maximum). If recipient has moved from the area, a written (or power point) summary is to be provided and will be presented at the next MDS meeting on their behalf.
  • Final Budget: Recipient will provide a table accounting for the how funds were actually spent in the proposed budget’s categories of expenditures. This is to accompany the final presentation/summary to MDS as above.

Deadline Extension

  • The grant deadline is due November 10, 2023. Winner(s) will be announced December 2022.

Submission instructions

Applications/proposals may be submitted to the MDS executive administrator as below:

The Maryland Dermatologic Society
c/o MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society
1211 Cathedral Street,
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Attention: Mr. Russel Kujan
Phone: 410-296-1232
Email: [email protected]