The Society cannot provide personalized medical advice. We recommend you see a board-certified dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment. Email the Board of Directors.


Rachel Schleichert, MD


Sean Z. Wu, MD

Immediate Past-President

Chikoti M. Wheat, MD

Representative to AAD Advisory Board

James Schiro, MD

Faculty and Resident Liaisons

University of Maryland Department of Dermatology

Marcia Driscoll, M.D. (faculty)

Friedrich Anselmo, M.D. (resident)

Johns Hopkins University Department of Dermatology

Ronald Sweren, M.D. (faculty)

Katherine Thompson. M.D. (resident)

We are excited to add two resident and two faculty academic liaisons to the Maryland Dermatologic Society Board of Directors.

Starting this fall, liaisons serve from October 2023 and to 2024. Faculty will serve a 2-year term while residents will serve a 1-year term. This role is critical for purposes of communication between the Society and the academic institutions.